Hi! I’m Dr. Robyn Odegaard often called “Doc Robyn” or "Dr. Robyn." But my friends and clients usually stick with “Robyn.”

I am a TEDx speaker coach and Success Liaison. My doctorate is in business psychology with a concentration in sport and performance. I combine the champion mindset I developed as a competitive beach volleyball player and my expertise in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with the drive and determination that allowed me to start college at the age of 32 and obtain my undergrad, master and doctorate degrees in just 6.5 years. I have a passion for inspiring, teaching, coaching and storytelling that I use to show my clients how to take ownership of their success and achieve the elite status they are meant to enjoy.

I have authored of two books, The Ultimate Guide to Handling Every Disagreement Every Time and Stop The Drama! The Ultimate Guide to Female Teams with a third one in the works. Being a TEDx speaker ranks among my proudest moments to date.

I founded the Stop The Drama! Campaign and you can find me being #Happy2Listen in various malls, rest stops and airports; particularly in northern Delaware where I live with my amazing husband and partner Russ Bruzzano.

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